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Rental Property 


Premises Information

Personal Information

Anyone on the title of the property must be listed here. If more than 2 owners, provide the requested information in the "Additional Information" text box at the end of this form.

Owner 1

Owner 2

US Citizen?
California Resident?

Rental Information

We will research the market price, but if you have a price in mind that you would like to get, please list it here.

Lease Required

We recommend $250 per pet.

We recommend requiring owners to carry renters insurance that specifically cover any pets.

Do you wish to maintain a maintenance fund?

A maintenance fund allows us to pay for expenses as they come up without having to receive prior permission from you, or wait for funds to be transferred in order to pay for incurred expenses.

The amount held in reserves is your choice, but we recommend at least $500 to $100 to handle routine maintenance expenses as they come up.


We recommend 1 months' rent.

How do you want to hold the security deposit?

Personal property included (select all that apply)

Is the property part of an HOA?

HOA Amenities (select all that apply)


If you have them, please provide current HOA Rules & Regulations and CC&Rs.

Will you include lanscaping?

We recommend including landscaping and pest control to ensure that they are maintained adequately.

Will you include pest control?
Is your water sub-metered?
Do you have solar installed?
Air Conditioning?


Are you aware of any lead-based paint in your home?
Are you aware of any mold in your home?
Are you aware of any asbestos in your home?
Are you aware of any bed bugs in your home?
Are you aware of any past methamphetamine contamination in your home?
Are carbon monoxide detectors installed?
Are smoke detectors installed where required?
Is your water heater braced for earthquakes?

Your content has been submitted!

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